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Choose Your Host

Choosing the right company to host your domain name is probably the most important decision you will make concerning your web site, mainly because you are setting up a  long-term relationship.  The hosting company should have the following qualifications: 

    • Verifiable history of up-time
    • Posted price list with a description of what you are getting for that price
    • Reliable customer service help via phone and e-mail
    • Reliable technical help via phone, e-mail and web site
    • Readily available instructions for configuring forms and e-mail for your site
    • A system for notifying you if changes are made to the server that affect your site.

The host you choose is very important to the success of your site.  If they have a history of being down for long periods of time, your business is going to suffer.

Space Less Traveled compiled by Carol Mersch

Your success depends on the hosting company being available to every potential buyer, no matter when they want to visit your site.  Likewise, if the hosting company does not provide technical support for their services, your site can be down for several days while you are trying to contact them.

PRO Designs Hosting Plan

Click here to review our Hosting Plans. We have made securing your Hosting Plan very easy.  We have many clients using our Hosting Plans, and they are the best prices you can find anywhere. Plus our history is a 99.9% up time, one of the best on the net.  We will work with you to choose the Plan you need for your particular business.  We recommend hosting for at least one year.

We have other Services to offer you, such as Secure SSL Certificates,  Shopping Carts, etc. as additions to our Hosting Plans. Please discuss those with us, if you are interested in them.  We can help you decide if they will be helpful to you and your business on the Net.  To View all our Services, please click here and review the drop down menus and banners on our site.

You stay in charge of reserving your hosting plan, and YOU are the one with the password and user name.  As a business owner, you should have total control over your hosting account.

PRO Designs helps you choose a trusted, professional hosting service.