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Choose Your Domain

The domain name you finally decide on for your business can become a valuable business asset. It is imperative that YOU secure your own domain name, maintain it and control it.  This means the domain should be in your name and YOU should have the password, account number or user name for the domain.  YOU should be the only person who can change any information associated with your domain name, and YOU should take full responsibility for renewing your domain name and keeping it paid up and active at all times.

Make sure you pay for your Domain registration yourself. A common practice is to turn this task over to the company you have hired to do your web site. However, this can cause problems in the future.  Make sure you maintain control over this valuable asset.

Choosing a  Domain Name

Skyview Farmer, McKinney, TXChoosing your domain name should be given considerable attention. Often the name you really want may not be available, so have some options in mind. Today, it is perfectly acceptable to write out your entire business name. The disadvantage to this is the amount of typing required to reach your site. Another option is to use just your initials, following by the extension. The disadvantage to this is that you have to retrain your clients to use that shorter name.  It is easy to search for a variety of names by clicking here. Try all kinds of combinations until you come up with THE domain name that reflects you or your company. It is permissible now to use a hyphen in your name, i.e., pro-designs.com.  Again, this can be a little harder for customers to remember.

Choosing the Domain extension

There are many file extenions you can choose from for the ending of your domain name, including .com, .net, .biz, .org, etc. The .com extension is the most common. But, the other extensions are equally good. Choose something that represents what you do. If you are an organization, the .org extension makes sense. If you are involved or connected to the internet, the .net extension works. If a business, the .biz extension may serve you well.

Length of Time for Reservation

We recommend you reserve your domain name for at least 5 years; 10 years is even better. There are several reasons for this:

1) domain reservations are much less expensive than they used to be so it is not a huge investment  
2) you don't have to remember to renew it every year and  
3) you have established that name for your company for the long-term.

On popular domain names, some folks wait for it to expire and then purchase it immediately.  If you are not vigilante, you could lose the name forever.

Start Your Search here

We have made reserving your Domain name very easy. You can research and reserve your domain name by clicking here.  YOU maintain the user name and password for your Domain name and you pay the fees direct. You maintain complete control over this valuable business asset.

Domain Search 

Best advise to choose a great domain name.