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PRO Designs has been developing professional, easy-to-navigate web sites for over 15 years. We have tried to change with the flow as new systems and coding methods have come out over the years.  Today, there are more options available to you as a business owner, particularly in the area of handling your own updates and changes on your website.  We now provide these options:

  • We help you reserve your domain, secure a hosting package and then develop your website, including layout, style sheets, navigation bars, upload it all and then maintain it for you.  As you need updates and changes made, you email us with your information and we make those changes to your website at our regular hourly rate..
  • We develop a basic structure, page designs, style sheets, navigation bars, and all the various parts and pieces of a web site and then turn it over to you to maintain and update as often as you like.    In fact, our server based system is available for your use 24 hours a day from any computer that has internet access. How more convenient can it get?  If you ever need help, we are available at our regular hourly rate.

There are many issues to be discussed and decisions to be made no matter the Option you choose.  We have provided an array of helpful information on our site to help you navigate the process.  Please see the items of importance under our Services page for help along the way.  Plus other links here allow you to check a domain name, see expiration dates, secure help from our hosting system, and move forward to your goal of a beautiful, functional website. 

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PRO Designs builds professional, easy-to-navigate websites.